Im a thinker, a deep thinker so when I’m doing tasks around the house I find myself getting lost in the mundane. It occurred to me one day as I was decluttering my basement that not only was I transforming my space I was also transforming my life. I took note that with every box I hauled off I felt lighter, as if less loaded down mentally. When you clear out an entire room you make room for new things to come in. Not only does your space look better but you have just opened yourself up for new opportunities to make their way into your life. When you sweep your floor every day, not only are you getting the dirt up, you are sweeping out old energy. Do you ever notice when your doing the dishes or folding laundry that you suddenly are “in the flow” and great ideas come to you? I recently taught myself to knit and I think the reason I love it so much is it forces me to sit still and slow the mental chatter. Before long I notice that my breathing has slowed down and my mind has gotten quiet. I’ve solved a lot of problems while sitting with my knitting needles. I love to paint, it’s such a great way to express yourself for very little money. You can really transform a room with color but it goes deeper than that. It’s a means to express yourself in ways that you did not feel you could. If you’ve always stuck with safe colors like gray, brown or white, why not pick up a quart of tangerine or sea green or a sunny yellow? Try it! It’s cheap and it’s fun and you might just find that not only did you transform your space but you gave yourself permission to break out of your comfort zone in other ways. I know because I tried it recently. I’ve lived with a brown bathroom for ten years and after being inspired by a friend to go with a cheerful yellow, I took the plunge. Now when I walk in that room a big smile comes across my face. Not only am I carrying this on to other rooms but I’m also thinking of changes in my personal life. Transformation! You may think your just changing your style but watch what happens in your life when you make these small changes!